Dancing Divas & Divos Dance Academy is a nonprofit
organization/dance academy designed to instill fun, energetic and
motivating training through the discipline of dance.  The dance school
is designed to cater to our community by providing well organized
affordable dance training geared towards the interest of today's youth
and adults.  We are located at 18100 Meyers, Detroit, Michigan 48235.  
The organization will provide people the avenue needed to positively
utilize their free time.  It will nourish, boost and develop high self
esteem in our youth and adults.  

Please allow and trust me and my staff to train your body.  3D Dance
Academy/Organization services many schools in the Metro Area, by
providing after school dance training.  If you are looking for a dance
coordinator, choreographer, dancers or looking to start an after school
dance program please take the time to explore our website and learn
more about us.  We will provide quality services with excellent qualified

"Lace up your life and go out and perform!"

For more information you can contact:
Mrs. Sharon Freed-Moreland


You can register anytime via website or during
studio hours.

Studio Located Inside of the
Northwest Activity Center
18100 Meyers Rd
Detroit, Michigan 48235
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